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Foot Warmer

Foot Warmer

Electrical outlet

Product information:

Style one
5V constant temperature USB interface heater (regular)
Use with 5V DC or 220V transformer
High temperature and mild heat, medium heat, up to 45 degrees
Safe and environmentally friendly, suitable for computer workers
5V safe voltage, 10W earth 1W power
Detachable and washable design, the heater can be separated
Heater size: 21*21CM
High quality snowflake fabric
Style two
12V adjustable temperature timing heating pad (extreme model)
Use with 220V electrical socket
High temperature, slightly hot, full of heat, up to 70 degrees
Three-speed temperature adjustment, three-speed timing, intelligent power off
12V safe voltage, 18W power
Removable and washable design, independent liner
Heater size: 22*25CM
High quality snowflake fabric
Style three
International standard electric hot water bottle (rechargeable)
Power charging hot water bottle, automatic power off
The maximum temperature is about 70 degrees, and it decreases during use
No need to rely on power supply at any time, can be used for 6 hours at a time
220V voltage, 420W power
Removable and washable design, safe and explosion-proof
High quality snowflake fabric

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Packing list:

Charging foot warmer bag*1

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